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Dovesaway ~ Ceremonial Dove Releases for All Life Celebrations ~ Our Doves are fully trained to return straight home ~ We Service Canberra Area Only..Thankyou for visiting DOVESAWAY, Canberra's Number 1 Wedding and Funeral Dove Release Service ~ .

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We only release healthy, well trained and conditioned, banded white homing pigeons.

Our birds will not be released indoors, too late in the day to return home safely (never at night!) or in inclement weather (excessive wind, rain or heat).

We do not ship birds for self-release and our birds are only flown fromĀ  distances for which they are conditioned.

All these things are taken into consideration for the safety of these special birds. And I'm sure you'd want to feel secure in that knowledge after they put on a fabulous display for your special event!

Our dove handler will be knowledgeable about releases, always on time and appropriately dressed. If your release is cancelled for any unforeseen condition, all moneys will be refunded.


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